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Hopefully someone can help me, I remember watching this period drama, maybe a mini series many many years ago, probably in the late 80's, the setting was probably late 1800 to 1900 england, I remember that the heroine of the story was a beautiful poor young girl that had no other recourse but to become a prostitute in order to survive.
I remember a scene where she is sitting in by the street she works in warming herself by a fire with other girls near her, and a rich gentleman approaches her and extends his hand for her to join him, she tells him that she cannot because she is on her period but he insists and she ends up going with him, he takes her into his mension,cleans her up and cares for her,for a while she is happy because he is so nice to her and treats her like a lady but just when she starts really falling for him he returns home one evening with several of his guy friends that he brought home to introduce them to her and tells her that he expects her to be nice to his friends, she very quickly realizes that the man who she initially thought was her saviour, ends up being nothing more than a high class pimp and that she is still a prostitute only now her clients are of the upper class...I don't remember how the story ends, I know it follows the heroine trough out much of her life, she ends up either becoming sombody important, a grand Lady or an aristocrat herself but with a dark past...I think she goes thru a lot of heart ache , Everybody wanting to "Love" her but true Love always eluding her.
I do remember this one small scene where she is stepping down from a carriage, all beautifully dressed and a small poor street girl approches her and tells her with admiring eyes thar when she grows up she wants to be a Lady like her, which almost brings the heroine to tears.
Hopefully there is enough there, it was very long ago I can't remember much more.
please help.


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