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Looking for a movie name and/or actors. I saw it on TV sometime between 1968 and 1970. It was a movie I didn't have permission to watch because of subject matter. The plot. Daughter gets pregnant. Boyfriend gets killed in war. When daughter delivers the parents tell everyone the baby is their baby, not the daughters because they are a "high class" family and don't want anyone to know their daughter had a baby out of wedlock. A high class boyfriend is found for the daughter so that she is able to "marry well". They get engaged and plan to keep the secret hidden from the fiance. A house is built with the baby's room near the parents and not the daughter. There is a fire, the baby is hurt and in critical condition in the hospital. The hospital will not let the daughter in the baby's room, only the parents are allowed. At that point, she couldn't handle being away from the baby any longer. She tells the fiance. I have been looking to watch this movie for over 40 years. Please help! I think the actress who played the daughter was blonde (Sandra Dee type) the fiance had dark hair.


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