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I have been looking for the title of this Drama for ages now its really bothering me, i remember it being in parts across a few weeks on like a main british tv channel possibly itv? or bbc 1? It was about this young girl who steals from this rich people in like 1700 (i think not sure) anyways she's caught by authorities and sent to Australia or something like that on a ship on her way to travel she is raped by a sailor or some dude and then falls pregnant either way she catches the eye of the captain of the ship or something or finds her pretty and she is eventually brought to him where he gives her this green silky dress she tries it on but it doesn't fit because she is pregnant anyways this man is repulsed by her being pregnant and not untouched or whatever and she is sent back down to prisoner bit where after few months she gives birth in womens side of cage with help of this woman and this man, this woman is later her best friend and the man and her end up in a relationship. Once in Australia they are forced to do manual work but eventually the men and women are allowed to combine and marry thus the main character and her prisoner bf marry but due to this freedom a lot of the men end up raping a lot of the women on the island but main characters husband protects her. Time passes and she and her husband have children, but the main captain type man never forgot her and want her to be his mistress i think she refuses at first but he threatens her family and whatever, so after enduring the arrangement for awhile the woman and her husband decided to escape, so the woman goes to captain as usual and goes to put on green dress where she swaps with her dying best friend and runs to find husband and children. her husband is shot dead and she is put on boat where on way back to england all her children die and are put to rest at sea. once back in england we see her in court where she is freed of something or whatever end of programme. it was really interesting to watch and not knowing the title bugs me so much and even makes me doubt its existence


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