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Hi! I have been searching for the name of a film for a few years now. I saw it some time between 2002-2010. It was aired on KBS world on Dish Network when it was channel 9850. The movie was about this guy who for some reason had to get to a place and was being chased by the government or something like that. In the movie the government had the ability to write memories over existing ones and create new memories that never happened. The guy slowly uncovers this and tries to find a box in old house or hut thing in a forest that contained momentos of his real memories. He befriends a woman for help but in reality she was working for the people chasing him. Towards the end the guy gets to where he needed to go which was a forest like area near the sea. I remember the movie ended with the guy falling backwards off a cliff with his eyes closed after being chased through a forest. As he fell it faded to the credits and a medical report was being read. If it helps, it was during this movie that I saw the only commercial on KBS world that I ever witnessed. It was a McDonald's commercial and it had their "I'm loving it" slogan so it was during that time period. Thank you ahead of time for your help! It is HIGHLY appreciated!


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