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Ok so I have been searching a searching alot for this movie I seen it once but cant remember the name.
its starts out with this young boy maybe 16 or 17 he is in some kind of juvinial school for boys, he is working one day and since he is new to the school, they play this cruel game where he runs in the woods and the other guys chase him but while he is running he thinks about escaping the camp, he then sees a girl floating in the lake in a white dress he thinks she is beautiful and he ends up staying at the camp, but he doesnt get to meet the girl then he thinks she might have been dead, now the girl is either from a private church school for girls or training to be a nun somthing like that, but she was floating in the pond because she enjoys taking pictures so she took a picture of herself in the pond, later in the movie the school for girls is aloud to have a dance and the girl from the pond gets the idea to invite the juvinial camp of boys over, the boy that seen hernin the pond then gets to meet her and they start sneaking around tigether doing what hormonal teens do they sleep together for the first time but get cought and they both get into trouble...thats all I remember of it cant remember how it ends


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