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I'm trying to track down a TV period drama - I only have about five minutes of it to go on, as it was something that upset me a lot as a child.

It was on TV during the early 90s, most likely on ITV as there was an ad break. I would guess it was set during the 18th-19th century.

A nobleman is having a difficult conversation with his banker/accountant, being told he has almost run out of money. The man says that this terrible news, as he had promised his son a pony.

The next scene is the nobleman meeting with his son to break the bad news. The boy is weeding on the land of their house with a sickle, presumably as part of agreement to work towards getting this pony. The boy does not take the news well, and proceeds to slice his father's leg several times with the scythe before running off in anger. (This was the bit that that upset me).

I vaguely remember seeing a title card and am sure the title was something like "The Black Curtain", but haven't had any joy with Googling for this.


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