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I am looking for a T.V. movie , possibly a hallmark original or maybe I seen on TBS or another station during the holiday season. I only seen it the one year and it was never shown again. I have one all the searches I can possibly think of. Here's the plot, a man finds out his wife has a life threatening disease. He helps her by building her a glass room as she has to be quarantined. Later she dies and leaves the family to grieve during the holiday season. The husband gives up his instrument,(I think it was a banjo)and begins drinking. Therefore, the children left their cabin and set up their rooms in the barn. Meanwhile, their Grandmother tries to help them with their grieving process and give them a special Christmas. There was also a religious superstition, something to do with having a yuletide, watching the logs burn in the fire brought out memories of past loved ones. I don't quite understand this but remember it caused a rift between her and her son in law. I have tried to find information on the actors but they don't have any movie titles listed in their filmology. I thought the mother looked like Tess Harper or Sissy Spacek, and that the grandmother could have been played by Florence Henderson.

Thank you very much for your help.
P.S. Also the movie was set in the early 1900's.


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