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What is the name of this movie about pre-teens in the 40s/50s ( not quite sure) who are in a love triangle , the boy is in love with the girl , who doesn't love him back , the two are really close friends , but drift apart , the girl is in love with someone else. At the end the boy is riding his bike ( I think) to a lake , there is a huge rainstorm and he falls in , the girl saves him , not sure if he dies or not .

Also what is the name of this movie where a pre teen is different from her family but can realte to her aunt , who happens to be shunned by the family , the young girl lives in the same house and bedroom that her aunt grew up in , when her aunt was younger she carved a moon into the shelf of her window sill and would trace it with her finger and look up to the moon , the young girl does the same


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