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hello, the movie im looking for has been produced around the year 2000, heres the plot: set in the 1900's, the main character is a man who at the start of the film have is home furniture seized, he managed to save books from the seizure that are verry valuable for him, he later goes into a "big industry with a huge chimney made of bricks"(thats what we see on the cover of the dvd) to work for a tyrranic old man who own that industry and a lot of homes in the town (nobody likes this man because he throws the people out of their homes if they dont pay their small debt); at the end of the movie he herits that big industry and discover that this man was in fact his father.
Meanwhile he gets married and obtain a loan by putting his books in garantie, he works as an accountant i think and is brillant in his work, in front of the industry is a port where a dead body is found (killed by someone , maybe the tyrranic landlord) , at the end of the movie the main actor have a fight at the top inside of the old industry complex with the tyrranic landlord who fell to his death into a hole on the floor, the next day, main actor receive a letter with a key explaining that the tyrranic old man was in fact his father, the key is the one of the big factory that is now his own.. tadam! i would be pleased if u can find the title, ive looked hundreds of movie title and didn't manage to find it . Thank-you have a beautifful day ! :-) (i think the movie is set in england)


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