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Watched a British film set in a girls boarding school in the countryside during the turn of the century (film was made in the '30's or early '40's I think).

The woman schoolmaster ran a girls boarding school with an iron hand and was cold and mean to her students. She had a teenaged son living there as well who she coddled and would chide to stay away from the girls, because they were not good enough/aristocratic enough for him. As time passes, he began to act strangely and girls began disappearing. Unbeknownst to his mother he was murdering these girls one by one and cobbling together the best physical attributes of each girl (kind of like a Frankenstein's monster) to construct the "perfect mate" with all the best featured that his mother had remarked about. During the creepy reveal, I remember him telling his mother hiw happy she would be that he found the woman that he knew would make her happy beyond her wildest dreams---when she sees the monster he had created--she's horrfied. Saw this movie late at night when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Still haunts me. Sound familiar to anyone?


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