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These are not necessarily period dramas, but my brain is now fried with thinking of all the movies I have seen!

The first one I cannot remember is about a woman who gets really sick on a ship (she is German I believe) and a handsome Jewish doctor saves her life and ends up falling in love with her. Well they get married and find out she is pregnant, but it is a German soldiers child(who I think died) . There is a scene where they are having dinner and she tries to do the Jewish prayer with them but doesn't know it.

The second one is a war film where a Japanese woman is walking with her daughter to the train station to pick up her husband and while they are walking she tells her daughter their love story and how her and her whole family were on a refugee camp. Mostly the movie is the love story and they come back to the mother and daughter a couple of scenes. In the end I remember them going back to the farm where they live and the close line and laundry hanging on it.


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