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Hello! Does any one know the name of a 80's or 90's film set in the U.S. about a little girl (around 12/13?). She's troubled and lives with her father. I think that it's supposed to be set after world war II. There was one scene where she goes into a soldiers room and he tries to get her into bed and she ends up hitting him over the head with a lamp or some thing, and it's unclear whether she kills him or not. There was another scene where a relative (cousin, brother?) is getting married, and she decides to pack her bags and go on the honeymoon with them, and when she is told she can't go she freaks out and has to be pulled from the car. She had short, brown hair. I know that this seems messy and ill-defined...I saw the movie years ago and I don't remember any thing else about it. I would really appreciate any help!


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