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I stumbled on this mini-series or Masterpiece Theater production around 1990, which A&E was re-running on Sunday mornings. Set in the English countryside about 1900-1918. A young girl some how becomes “Ward of the Manor” which is a large prosperous estate and is well treated. There are two competitive sons; the younger is kind while the older is angry and cruel. There is also a caretaker’s son who friendly and grows with the children. The oldest son inherits the estate and begins to make unwanted advances toward the “Ward” now “woman” who has fallen in love with the younger son. The younger son loves aviation and has model airplanes hanging from the ceiling of his room and ultimately dies in WWI. The older brother also dies and the young ward/Woman, I believe, inherits the estate. The caretaker’s son and friend assists the woman through the loss of the younger brother and the inheritance of the manor. He has always quietly loved the “woman” and ultimately she realizes she loves him in return! Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? I’m taking liberties with the details as I only saw two or three episodes.


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