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Hi, i dont remember the exact year i watched that korean drama.It used to air in KBS and it was about a girl who dies in a war and the girl's father,who is a doctor himself, in order to keep her alive, preserved her body in a cold freezer for many many years, and later does a heart transplant on her daughter and brings her back to life. It so happens that the girl's old lover is married and now has a young son who happens to be a doctor at that same hospital she is at. They fall in love and one day the boy's father sees them together and recognises his old lover, whom he used to love unconditionally... Its a story about a father and son who falls for the same girl. The girl's gets her memory back and father and son fight for her... Please help~ i really need to know the title of this kdrama to watch the ending... I guess i watched it around the year 2007 or 08


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