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I live in Louisian, the movie was a mini series, which played several nights in a row. I missed a night or two, but would very much like to see it again. I think it ran in 1994/95 maybe?
The movie may have been in the 1800s (?) period drama about a young lady, possibly an Irish girl. The movie opens with the young girl and her mother gathering herbs and her mother pass away on the hill. Next you see her as a maid servant, and her Lord is making sexual advances towards her and a man breaks in the house to rob it. There is a tussle on the stairs and the robber hits the Lord killing him. They both run away, because she is scared she will be accused of the murder.
She ends up with a child with the robber. She ends up on this island (possibly a penal colony) with other people. (Seems like they were drying fish?) She would care for the people when they would get sick or hurt. The robber married money and took a trip to the island to close it down? Any he finds the girl that he had gotten in trouble and she makes a bargain with him and his wife to sign over the property to her so she would not cause a scandal of making his pass known.

If anyone could help me in finding the title or the movie, I would greatly appreciate it.

Vickie D'Antonio


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