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I remember this korean drama when I was just looking at something my mom was watching and took interest in it. The first episode is about a girl who runs away with her mother from her (abusive?) father while her brother helps them and they get on a train. Later the story shifts to a young man (teenager) who works moving crates and some girl who likes him comes to watch him (though she kinda just gets in the way and he ignores her until his work is done). I missed some parts but eventually the runaway girl's mom meets the father of the girl who likes the working boy, and the two get together(?) so both girls must now get along (though the mom's girl doesn't want to). That's all I remember cause apparently my mom grew disinterested in the first episode and stopped watching it. However, the preview for the next episode is something like the mom's girl does something to the dad's girl so her mom slaps her and maybe locks her in some sorta room with cups or pots and the guy the dad's girl like comes in (?) and sits next to her? I think he falls for her. I think, from a cover I once saw (thiugh I can't find it again) there a four people involved, two guys, two girls. The second guy moves in with the new family at a young age so the mom's girl takes care of him and the two get close (?) Sorry this is all I can remember from the first episode and a summary I once read (though I cant find jt again!?)


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