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Looking for a film produced in the early 2000 i think, but set in the late 1800s, about this girl who eventually gets an abortion from an old lady after she got pregnant by a man that doesn't want to do anything with her and just seduced her. Before getting pregnant and meeting this man, her friend and herself go to an old man to find out their future loves, and they have to pour some ink on a paper and fold it(much like Rorschach inkblot test). The woman is supposed to do the inkblot test once, but she cheats and does it the second time because the first inkblot looked like a skull to her and her friend(or something scary). The man reads the second inkblot and tells her something like: you will meet a tall dark haired man and beware of him. She meets a man like this and falls in love and later gets pregnant. I also remember that she survives the abortion and she is sitting in bed lying down and next to her is a brown paper bag with the aborted child in it, later the dark haired man comes in and sees the bag and is told to get rid of it. He takes the bag and while walking down the street he throws the bag somewhere on a house(i think). That is pretty much all i can remember from the movie.


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