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trying to find a film or drama series of a young girl who comes from a poor family she was smart but parent disguised her as a boy to go find work she was sent off bcs she got on a wooden open boat not across ocean just a river i guess to a another town and on boat theres lots of men goin to find jobs and there she meets a boy who from there on she follows him to apply were he will they end up staying a few days at a relative of the boys and boy likes girl from that house and that one ends up liking the main character dresses as boy eventually they leave and stay in a hotel its booked so only one room available they have to stay in same room and shes a lil freaked out doesnt know what to do, landlady kinda figures out shes a girl, next day they leave to workplaca its like maybe a big bar or resting place for lots of workers there playing cards and thats also when boss finds out boy pretending to be girl is smart with numbers..... thats up to were i saw and she falls in love for guy, dont remeber if it was black or white but it was based on oder times


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