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From what I remember, the film centres around two women who are good friends. One is more of an adventurous type, while the other is more quiet. I believe that the film takes place in Europe (potentially Britain) during the 18th or 19th century. There is a war going on, and the quiet woman is in love with one of the major participants in the war, despite him acting cold towards her. The two have a mutual friend (I remember him being bearded) who is in love with the quiet woman, but has not told her. The film takes place in multiple settings, as the adventurous woman is courted by extravagant men from other parts of Europe/Asia, and she takes the quiet woman and the bearded friend along for the ride. I believe at one point they either go to India or the Ottoman Empire, where the adventurous woman meets a rich suitor who asks for her hand in marriage (she refuses). Near the end of the film, the military man that the quiet woman was in love with is killed. The film ends with the bearded man professing his love to the quiet woman (I remember it being a very cheesy scene), and the adventurous woman going back and marrying the rich man in either India or the Ottoman Empire.

I unfortunately do not have many other details about this film. I only saw the last half or so of it, and at the time I was bed-ridden due to illness. Thus the only parts that I remember at all are near the end, and even there it is quite fuzzy. This being said, if anyone can lend any clues as to the name of the film, I would much appreciate it. I have been trying to find the name of the film for quite some time now.


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