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I remember watching a period drama a few years ago. I can't remember if it was a film or a series.
It makes me think of Jane Eyre but it isn't that. I don't know if it was a re-telling of it.
Basically what i remember of it is :
A woman with blonde hair is in love with a man (they might have been engaged) but he has an insane wife she didn't know about who he has locked in a room in his house. He shows the woman the wife so she knows why he can't marry her. The woman runs out the room. The man is killed by the wife (can't remember if it is at the same time or later)The wife also set fire to a house they used to live in and if i remember right her hands were badly burned.
The woman is pregnant (i think by that man)but she is told that her baby died. However it didn't. It was swapped with another woman she knows baby which was still born. Through out the film she finds that her son is alive and the programme ends with her with her infant son visiting a grave of the still born baby which wasn't hers.
Any ideas would be very helpful


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