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I wonder if anyone can help me with finding the title en eventualy a DVD of the serie wich Iív seen on Dutch television in (I think) the seventies.
Itís about a young woman with a weak health who is staying with her aunt who lives in a house in the country (a small castle you could say).
She becomes friends with a girl (young woman) from the village and as I remember they do a lot of things together such as skating amongst other things.
The young woman (cousin of the Dutchess) flirts with the son of the local garage-owner who is called or nicknamed Blacky and who rides personally on a motor-bike and occasionally drives the Dutchess and her cousin with the taxi-cab of his father the garage-holder.
The cousin has an impossible character and the friendship with Blacky appears to be impossible as well as the friendship with the local young lady whith who they fantesized about love with Blacky who sometimes stands hopeless before the fence calling while the young woman can see him from the window of her room.
In the end the young woman dies because of her weak health and pneumonia.
I can remember that the serie opened with the vieuw at the fence of the estate.
Hopefully for someone rings a bell, thank you very much, love from Holland


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