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I am searching for a drama that I've watched back in 2005-2006 while I was in Vietnam. I don't remember much about it but it started off with a mother of two young boys who was stabbed and killed by a man or crazy husband. The two brothers ran away from the home. The older brother was carrying his younger brother on his back while his younger brother was holding onto a teddy bear. I think it was raining and the older brother slipped and dropped his younger brother over the bridge and into the water. The younger brother screamed for help and the water current took him away. I think thats what happened, im not sure but they were separated lol. Anyway they both survived and grew up differently. One was rich and the other was not. The older brother was rich and he kept his younger brother's teddy bear in a display case in his office which was the only thing he had left of his brother. They eventually meet and the teddy bear is the key to reuniting them. If you have any ideas of which drama I'm talking about, please just say anything. thank you.


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