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I am trying to find the title of the best movie I ever saw. It is about the life of four generations of women. It starts with the star of the movie (don't remember her name)who is trying to be a journalist during the twenties. Women were not allowed that profession. She meets and falls in love with a male journalist for the paper. He loves her too. They live together in a apartment in new york. She gets pregnant. He sells her stories as his to get them published. He gains status off of her stories. Because of his newly gained status he is selected to go to England to cover the war (WWI). He leaves and promises to come back. Because of several mishaps they lose each other for years. Over the years she has a daughter, who has a daughter, who has a daughter, etc. She was full of hate for him because she thought he never came back. He did come back but could not find her. She had been kicked out of their apartment as soon as he went to cover the war by a lusty landlord that tried to rape her. Best movie ever!!! HELP


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