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I saw a film on netflix's no longer in my "recently seen" ...a true story in early 1800 or 1700 Europe about a young man who wants to become a writer/poet but has no luck selling his works so he agrees to attend law school for his father..he meets a girl who sings in opera plays.. They fall in love but her father has arranged for her to marry an older man which happens to be her boyfriends teacher...when he finds out they fight by duel land is then jailed. The girls father insists that she marry the older man so the family will be financially provided for. Then her boyfriend writes a novel of his demise. His girlfriend is now married to the older man and has read the novel. The young man is now released from jail and his father comes to get him. When they return to their village they stop by a crowd outside a book store where he is recognized as the author of the best selling novel. So in the end she dutifully married the older man so to provide for her younger siblings and helped her true love succeed in his loved profession.


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