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So, I need help finding the title of this Korean movie. I think dating to the 1400-1500s. [The noble men wear black hats and the girls wear those headdresses like hair and they wear hanboks]
As I remember, there was a boy and a girl, the boy died and the father of the boy ordered the girl to dress up as a boy.
Now this girl grew up and is pretending to be a boy all the time. There she was walking around the markets, she saw a man. This man is doubtful that this `boy ` is really a boy. He then took out a mirror that he sells and the girl suddenly rubbed her lips with the sleeve of her jeogri. The man knew that this was a girl. He fell in love with her.
I remember this scene where she sneaked and painted naked girls bathing on the river, and she with the man stomping in a tub with clay, the one he uses with his mirrors.
Please help me with the title.


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