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If anyone can help, it is much appreciated! I was watching the TCM channel a couple months ago and had started watching this one movie, I think it was about 20 minutes into it. It was about a guy who had escaped from a ship or something because he was some sort of criminal and ended up at a mansion on top of this hill-type-area and met two very beautiful wealthy ladies and ended up falling in love with one of them in the process. They took a horse back rides and all sorts of stuff, but, I think she was supposed to be engaged to the guy that was hunting the criminal down. The guy who's engaged to the woman finds the criminal and ends up chasing him out of the girls' bedroom. She's crying and he climbs up this vine against the mansion and onto her balcony. After a while of crying, he starts singing their song. I can't remember the name and I hope this is enough information. My memory isn't all that well. But, if anyone can help, it'd be much appreciated! Thank you! Oh! One more thing, I think it's set somewhere in France or something. Thanks, again!


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