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The movie I'm trying to remember the title to, I believe, was shown on Lifetime in the 90's. It was shown multiple years and was always shown around Christmas or in winter. It's a movie about a young pioneer woman who is a school teacher. She goes to the frontier and stays with a lady who is a stranger. She's young, not much older than her students. The movie is either set at Christmas time or in winter. One of her students is a young man, possibly Native American, who is a little on the wild side. They are about the same age. The boy helps her out at least once, and she starts to have feelings for him. One scene they are stuck in a snow storm in a carriage and I believe they kiss. I don't believe anything serious happens between them, because even though they are about the same age, the young teacher knows she's his teacher. I believe at the end he may ride off on a horse and she never sees him again. It was such a sweet movie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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