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Hey everyone. I'm looking for a movie I saw a few times. It should have been released sometime in the early 90's - possibly late 80's but no later than 1997.

The movie is set during the Victorian Era. A foreign girl is the main character but no one knows where she has come from. She speaks oddly and has her own set of foreign customs and rituals. She is young and brunette. I remember everyone fussing over her.

The scene that replays in my head again and again is when she is asked to read the Mayan counting system which is a series of knots on a rope. She miscounts though and it perplexes the people all the more as they try to figure out where she is from.

I am not sure if this is another movie, but I seem to recall the twist in the plot being that she was a local all along and spoke English after all but is on the run.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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