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okay so i am trying to remember this movie. i saw it well over a year ago.
it's about this virgin Englishman and he goes to work in some village, with his boss. They try to offer him woman of the village to help around the house and for him to sleep with. The boss offers up this one who he says is special, he refuses to sleep with her as for he is waiting for marriage. Anyway, he begins to fall in love with the girl and the make love. I think he teaches her how to read or something. Later on he wishes to marry her or be with her, and the boss finally admits to the woman being his daughter who he gad to give away. He refused to leave her so they were going to kill her but they escaped and ended up living in a rainforest or amazon, jungle i dont know.. and they found a tribe to be with and continue being together. please help me ive been looking for this for so long! haha!


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