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I remember seeing a period movie several years ago. I don't remember the name. I only remember I few scenes. There is a young girl in her teens and she is in love with her music teacher(?) who is also quite young. They have been sending secret love letters to each other. He has been slipping a letter between the strips of a harp as he covers the harp but it's soon exposed. There is another scene of the girl laying on her stomach on a bed with her legs bent up and crossed at the ankles. She has paper and a quill with her and there an older man who is one of the main characters who helps her with these letters. He is telling her what to write and he notices her legs bent up and he comes over and slowly moves her dress up and starts kissing any exposed skin. The girl looks at him and doesn't say anything but he tells her to keep writing. The scene shifts to the man exiting the room his a little undone and he sees a servant standing the hall just looking over and he walks of. Not a moment later the girl comes out her dress and corset are undone and she is holding them up and she glances at the servant and walks off and heads to the room of this woman and talks to her about what happened and the woman just says "Did you enjoy?" and the girls hesitates a bit and says she did.

So anyone know the name of the movie? I know it's a movie and not a mini-series.


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