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I have spent close to 20 years looking for a film i remember watching as a kid.
I missed the begining, and it has been rather a while, but from what i remember it was a lot like The Spiral Staircase.
there was a young woman who had lost her family or fallen on hard times or something and she gets a job as a companion or a governess. And obviously there's the hansome master of the house who falls for her.
One bit that stands out is that she gets in trouble for wearing a blue dress.
There's a gypsy circus in the village and there's some kind of trouble with them.
There supposed to be a family curse that makes the men insane and when there's an attack in the village everyone thinks it's the master and he's inherited the curse.
There's a big fight scene at the end, i'm sure is in a theatre, with fire and guys jumping around the stage, climbing the curtains and swinging on them from the boxes.

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