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I read this historical romance novel a couple of years ago and I can not remember the name of the book.

It begins with a short episode where the author describe a family. After a couple of years the mother dies and the husband (once a good father) becomes an alcoholic. The oldest daughter starts to take care of the family. However, the family reaches a point where they too poor. The girl looking for help ends up accepting to become the lover of a lord. The lord thinks he is taking to bed an experienced woman. When he makes love to her however, he finds out that she was still a virgin. Feeling cheated and duped he gives her the money for her services and tells her to get out. She is truly hurt because she actually likes (love) the lord. When she returns home word has gotten out of her acceptance to the improper proposal. Her dad devastated by this kicks her out of the house. She ends up living in the poorest part of London. After a couple of month she finds out she is pregnant. She receives an unexpected visit from the Lord's(possibly a duke) mother (who might have been friends with her mother). On the other side the duke keeps on hearing about her difficulties. Finally after hearing her mother speak about her he decided to go get her. She is coming with some bread (possibly stolen by poor kids), she vomits and the lord pulls up by the alley in a carriage. He takes her to his home. He immediately knows she is pregnant. However, she decided to keep this a secret because she does not want to force in a marriage he might not want.
I can not remember the rest of the book. PLEASE HELP! I want to reread this book. I feel like I missed something important.


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