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So when I was younger there was this Korean drama that showed on the Vietnamese channel on directtv. I don't remember the beginning but this girl lived with her husband/fiancÚ/or whatever and she was the sweetest girl but her husband's mom didn't like her. The husband's mom liked her son's ex wife which he had a little boy with. The ex wife was skinny with a bang and the sweet girl always wore a ponytail in the beginning. Later the husband tries to kill the sweet girl by drowning her I'm the ocean. She actually doesn't die because she washes up on the shore later that night when the husband already left. On the other hand, this guy was walking along the shore because his sister (an adopted sister and they secretly loved each other but their mom didnt approve) had also drowned in that ocean I think.. But he was walking on the shore and saw the sweet girl and thought it was his sister. Turns out it wasn't but he still brought her back to his house. The girl tells him what happened and then tells his mom. She wanted to get revenge on her husband so I think she like pretended to be another person. She pretended to be the boy's adopted sister (he got permission from the guy and his mom and they like took family pictures and replaced all pictures of the real adopted sister with the sweet girl) (she also cut her hair like a bob) and works at the same cosmetologist company as her husband's ex wife. The ex wife and husband run into the sweet girl a few times and get so scared because they think she's dead! Later the ACTUAL adopted sister comes back home so she didnt actually drown. She comes home to find all her pictures have been replaced and that her brother/lover fell in love with the sweet girl. I forgot the rest..


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