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Hi I'm trying to find the name of a film and a tv series or it might be a film.

The first one is about a young girl who gets told of her grandma on her dying bed that her father isn't really her father so after her grandma dies she goes looking for her real father with her brother and there grandfather I think and when she find her father her whole family are reunited and it she find out that her father is her dads brother and they have a happy ending as they are all reunited but then her grandfather has a heart attack and he sees his wife again.

The second one I'm not sure if it's a tv programme or a film I watched it in the early 1990s it's about a girl who falls in love with an attractive man who she sleeps with bit then she never sees him for a long time I think but she end up having a son to him but her son falls ill and he needs blood transfusion or bone marrow or something so she goes to visit him in prison and tells him he has a son and that he needs his help so he later escapes and a sneaks into the hospital and helps his son and he then leaves before the police get him but I think he gets helped or into a fight with her husband. If you can find any of these a will be very grateful thanks


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