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Black and white 40's or 50's film - I know the film ititle is not "Rebecca". The plot of this movie involves two sisters and a husband. One sister, who is dark haired and I think married to the dark handsome husband, is released from a mental institution to return home to live w her glamorous, voluptuous blond sister and the husband. The other family members and mutual friends all seem to treat her as if she is still crazy, speaking in whispers and so forth. One vivid climactic scene has the (ill)!sister dye her dark hair a brassy blond shade. Then she has her hair styled exactly like her sister's hair ( a crown braid with long shoulder length hair curled under in the back) against the advice of the stylist. She puts on her sister's golden satin gown (which is way too big for her slight frame). She comes down the stairs dressed in this garish gown for a big party, shocks her husband and everyone present. Then she accuses her sister and husband of having an affair...goes slightly mental, probably faints and is carried upstairs by the husband. The final scene has her leaving the next morning, heading for the door, suitcase in hand. I can't recall if she makes a farewell statement to her husband and sister or not. But the gist of the final scene is that she is okay, and she can get on without anyone else's help, especially that of her husband and her sister who deserve each other.


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