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From a friend: I am trying to identify a drama set in the late 19th century. The plot is about a wealthy young man hollidaying on the Devon (I think) seaside with his family and a young lady who he is meant to be courting. He meets and has a romance with a young country girl and decides to go away with her. He is thwarted by being unable to cash a cheque quickly in the local bank. He fails to meet the girl who was to travel down to the town to him, and ends up leaving with his family party.
The end sees him as a middle aged man, now married to the young lady but childless, taking a motor tour in about 1910 of the country and visiting the same area, where he sees an old farm worker and enquires after the girl. She dies of grief in childbirth after having been unable to find her love, and the young man in the next field is her son.


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