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The title I'm looking for is about a movie centered around the 16th-18th century. It's about a girl who was sent to a girls orphanage. I saw it in late 90's early 2000.

I remember a few scenes from the movie:
The king of that country (can't remember if it was France or England) halted the carriage of his queen to have sex with her... later on she wipes herself clean at a nearby river.

the girls in that orphanage were visited once a week by the priests in order to confess and pay redemption for their sins...

I also remember that the girl was in a field of aranged trees talking with another girl and when the king rode nearby on his horse, saw her and I believe, took her with him. I'm not sure if he took her to court or the that orphanage to begin with...

the overal atmosphere in the movie is quite gloomy, as if everything is filmed during twilight...

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