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I watched a film a few years back with my mother. I can't think what its called but all I remember is there was this woman who lived with her husband, I think they moved into this big house? Or they already lived there. I'm sure it was in america. And there's this other woman who is trying to make people think this other innocent woman is mental. The couple lost a child in a car crash I think - I remember watching the film and they woman was driving when her children were trying to get her attention and she turned round and one of the children died in a car accident. The other woman was doing things to make people think this innocent woman was crazy, I remember her dressing up in a very old looking gown and being on the the roof on the balcony, and standing there to scare the woman. Another thing she did was make a loud noise (I think a scream) through the middle of the night, coming from what I think was the womans dead child/ or dead babys room and as the woman ran to the room it was filled with a cot and toys. The woman was confused because she did not put them there. Maybe I'm wrong but from remembering the film I think the womans husband is in on it too, acting like he thinks there's something wrong with his wife although he knows him and this other woman are setting his wife up. The woman keeps doing odd things and telling people that this mans wife did it to make them believe she is mentally unstable although she is not. I'm sure its a 90's film its not any more recent than that I know for sure, sorry that's the most information I have! PLEASE help!


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