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Have been trying to find this movie for ages. I saw it in the 90's. It is set in England (don't know where exactly)and from their clothing it was similar to what they wore in the movie a summer story. There is this rich young girl who came to the village with her family. The young rich girl fell in love with a young village boy. They then made love in a cave or a barn (not sure). Later she was found to be pregnant and the family took her back to the city. The girl gave birth to a son. The village boy still loved her but married another village girl and had many children. The scene was fast forward showing him visiting his first love and their son in the city every year. The following year he did not show up instead a letter turned up which was written by the man's wife telling the other lady that the man that they love had passed away and that he loved both her and their son very much. Does anyone know the title to this movie?


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