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Hello, I am searching for the name of a movie I saw in the late 90's or early 2000. It was a British film about a boys boarding school. The main character was probably fifteen yrs. old. He seems to always be in the mix. One scene I remember is a group of the boys swimming near a dam or quarry. One boy drowns or is drowned. There is an upper class boy perhaps a senior. He looks older,and he is the protagonists. I think he had something to do with the boys drowning. He and some of his cohorts corner the main character in a room and hold his back to a fire. He is burned badly. Later this same boy rapes the grounds keepers daughter. She hangs herself. The father is very up set. The younger boy suspects the older boy of the rape, but that is where I left off. This might have been on a public broadcast station or BBC. I would very much like to know the title of the movie. Please Help. Thank u in advance.


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