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I saw this movie on cable. It had very haunting theme music. It took place at the time of the Industrial Revolution in England. A young woman has an afair with a upper class man and he gives her a pair of fancy dress shoes. He abandons her. She leaves her village, pregnant and in disgrace. She has a baby all alone and it dies. She buries it and continues to a different town. She is very ill and collapes and is taken in by a working class family, that consists of a very kind husband and wife and three grown unmarried sons. She is nursed back to health. She then has love affairs, one right after another with the three sons. The eldest son was a soldier and when he was through his leave, he left her. The second son is a skillfull shoemaker and buisnessman. He wants to start up a business in a big city. He leaves the woman, and points out the poor workmanship and quality of her dress shoes. The youngest son, spends more time with her and gets to know her better. She tells him about her former lover and lost baby. While on a country picnic they both meet up with her former lover. He was not kind. The youngest son and her former lover fight. The youngest son kills the former lover. The youngest son and woman run away but are soon caught. The youngest son goes on trail and is found guilty and he is hung. His mother is not pleased with the young woman she saved. The young woman then is seen going to America or someplace else on a ship. What was the name of this movie?


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