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I am a guru of this genre and have seen or read nearly all, but cannot find this one any site or board. I saw it by accident and I get the impression it was an educational show showing parts of movie adaptations of books...not masterpiece though....anyway one morning in 2005 they showed part of a film or mini-series I am pretty sure was based on a book. It was likely made after 1990 as it was nice filming and good period costumes. It was EITHER in London most likely or if not then America and no later than 1920 but I am pretty sure more like 1880s...

It was a young man that was not overly attractive or overly unattractive but had a mean sneaky and greasy look about him....he was wealthy and snobby and in mid 20s....brushed over black hair...think Ioan Gruffold or Cillian Murphy but I doubt either of themm....that look though...he was possessively in love with a girl that he knew well...either a family friend or something....she was not I think dirt poor but definitely not to his level. He wanted her to marry him and she liked him but wouldn't because of his attitude. I remember a scene of her in a carriage in a street in town with some girl friends shopping and him being kind of rude with her at which point she explained it was this reason she didn't want to marry him. He thought she should be lucky to have him. I also think they lived in a townhome and his wealthy father or grandfather was dying and he would inherit and maybe had a sister that was marrying someone unworthy or something like that. Anyway here are movies I am absolutely positive it is NOT....and I know for a fact...

Not the Forsyte Saga though VERY similar characters and plot....not North and South...though similar looking town....not Daniel Deronda...not Vanity Fair...not any of the obvious stuff...Not copperfield ...nickelby... its driving me crazy! could be movie or mini series but NOT a play


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