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This is a movie with drama, love and revenge in it. Seems like it is happening during the 2nd (or 1st) war world . A young militar pilot from US is in Europe (France maybe)and one night he met a young girl from that place, he was with another militar friend. The couple got in love, then he has to return to US, promising her He would come back for her. She realized she was pregnant and try to find his lover's friend but he told her that her lover was not going back for her. That made her so upset and she decided to provoque and abortion inserting a metal hanger into her vagina, she almost die. after a while she met an old and rich man and married him. I think they moved to US where she put and effort on find her old lover who at that point is working as a private pilot and is married too. She asked her husband to buy an airplane for her and made her husband hire her ex lover. Well she was really obsessed and desperate and even try to kill her ex lover's wife, but fail, I don't remember the end of the movie. I hope someone can help me. Thanks


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