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Please help me find this movie !!!!!!! There are two best friends, they both have dark's set sometime in the 1900s all I know is they were petticoats, dresses, and those little square hats. I have a STRONG feeling it was set in some part of Europe, or in New York..Either way I'm pretty sure the girls were foreign. Italian maybe? They lived close by to each other in apartments. It shows them growing up. Pretty sure they lose touch after one either moves out of the country, or becomes a singer/actress. It shows one of the girls as an older lady the whole movie goes from flashbacks, to the older lady who's narrating the story. They could even have been dancers . I know this is not enough detail, but it would be awesome if SOMEONE else remembers it, because I'm starting to feel crazy not being able to find it. Also I think there is a scene where she finds her friend years later, but she is in a theater or some sort of nightclub singing.


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