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I don't know the title or names of the actors in this movie. It's a black and white film about Italian immigrants. An Italian immigrant who owns a farm has a wife who dies. He sends for her sister in Italy. He seeks to replace his wife with his wife's sister, but she is her own person and not her sister. He calls her by the wrong name one time. Joya (I don't know how to spell the character's name) sees a group of wild horses off of their property and wants her husband to catch one for her. When her husband does, she feels regret that he has captured a wild animal; but then she tames the horse. She falls in love with one of her husband's helpers who is like a son to her husband. The man ends up leaving because he feels guilty for betraying a man who was like a father to him. At the end the wife ends up leaving her husband. He feels regret for treating her as a substitute for his dead wife and tries to get her back.


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