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When I was younger I saw an amazing movie but I can not remember his name. So, it was about a grandmother who told her granddoughter the sad story of her life before the granddoughter went to a vacation with her boyfreind (or something like that). However, the grandmother fall in love with a young beautiful priest, who went to the war (I think it was WW2) to help the casualties. He always write to her but then he stoped because he got missing. So she got married with someone eles, I think it was her best freind who always loved her. At the end I think he cameback and he found out she was married... and I cant remember what was after that. But I do know that the ends when the granddoughter decide not to go with her boyfreind and she stayed with her grandma. And I'm realy sorry if my english isnt that good..... thank you for helping!!!!


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