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Hi! I've been INSANELY looking for the title of this film for YEARS. You guys are my last hope. I must have watched it somewhere during the 90's, although I remember the photography was kinda dark and opaque, so it might have been filmed during the 80's. It could be foreign.

It seems to take place in the late 1800's or early 1900's, in a rural setting --there are forests, it kinda looks like a farm; there are barns and horses and so on. I think the main character was a dark-haired teenage girl who (if I remember correctly) goes around writing in her diary. Her father is very abusive and her mom is extremely passive. She has three or four sisters. As the film develops their whole family dynamics change and the characters start morphing: one of the sisters becomes an alcoholic, another sister gets addicted to gambling, another sister tries to start a lesbian affair with one of her girlfriends (either the sister of the guy she is supposed to marry or her own brother's fiancÚ, I can't remember) --there is a scene where these two girls are in the bathtube playing around and the troubled sister starts kissing the other girl, who I think is a blonde.

The main character, however, is the dark-haired girl. She might be the youngest of them all. The whole movie seems to be about her coming-of-age. There is a scene where she is running through the forest and all of the sudden she sees her father having sex with the nanny/maid, whose hands are on a tree (he's doing her from behind!). The dark-haired girl doesn't let her dad know she has seen him.

Next thing I remember is this male character entering the picture, he is relatively young and holds some sort of authority, like if he were working for her father or something. The dark-haired girl feels attracted to him, but stays away. Then, a new female character appears, an older woman whom might be a governess. Towards the end, the dark-haired girl sees the male employee and the governess having sex in what looks like an office close to where the horses are (they are doing it on a chair!). Somehow the guy realizes that the teenager has seen him -he knows she feels attracted to him and enjoys the power he has over her- so he eventually attacks her right there, in the barn, but I really cannot remember whether or not he abuses her/convinces her to let him do her. At the end, I think the girl writes a final entry in her diary, puts the diary aside and gets into a pond or a lake, probably committing suicide.

I really hope you can help me! It's sooo frustrating not to know! I've had the whole plot in my head for almost twenty years! Thank you!!!


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