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I am looking for a movie I was given about 20 years ago when I was little. I can't remember much about it except a few scenes and the cover... And even those are hazy memories. Maybe someone can help me??? Ok here goes...

I want to say the cover had a border and it was brown. Kind of like how hallmark has a colored border on some of their movies. I think there was a picture of a little girl with braids if I'm not mistaken. May have been a girl with long hair but I'm not totally for sure. I can't really remember anything else about the cover.

All I can remember about the movie is that it was set back in the settler or frontier days. It seems like the girl lives with a family she was not born into... I dunno if she was adopted, rescued or what. I dunno, maybe she was born into the family and I'm just confused. It seems like there are male characters like older brothers maybe. If I remember right it seems like someone got sick during the movie. I think I remember a scene at a school house. The whole movie is in the country/frontier. I think the family had a dirt or gravel road to their house. Sorry so vague, I really can't remember much at all. I just remember really liking it and wanting to see it again.


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