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I saw this film ages ago therefore the details are a little hazy (sorry!). There is a young girl at like a strict all girls school, there was a point where this girl takes the blame for something her friend did and ended up being caned for it? Her friend then dies soon after that. When she's older she goes to live in this big house to work with a child (teaching her something I think?). She ends up having some romance with the man that the house belongs to I think. She leaves for some reason and stays with a brother and sister but then the brother tries it on with her and so she leaves and goes back to the original house to find it burned down and the man is blind from being in the fire.

I will be soooo impressed if anyone can make any sense of that and especially if they know the film I'm on about! I'm also a little worried that I'm mixing details from a couple of films together? In which case I'd love to know both films! Thank you!!


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