Hugh Grant

There are 4 period dramas starring Hugh Grant in our database. They are listed below in descending order of release date.

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995 Movie)

User rating:
3.3 / 5 (from 8 ratings)

Date set: 1917

Directed by: Christopher Monger

Writer(s): Ivor Monger (verbal story), Christopher Monger

Cast: Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald, Colm Meaney, Ian Hart, Ian McNeice

Sense and Sensibility (1995 Movie)

User rating:
4.29 / 5 (from 132 ratings)

Date set: 1795

Directed by: Ang Lee

Writer(s): Jane Austen (novel), Emma Thompson (screenplay)

Cast: Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, Greg Wise, Alan Rickman

Impromptu (1991 Movie)

User rating:
3.43 / 5 (from 6 ratings)

Date set: 1836

Directed by: James Lapine

Writer(s): Sarah Kernochan

Cast: Judy Davis, Hugh Grant, Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters, Julian Sands

The Lady and the Highwayman (1989 TV Movie)

User rating:
2.88 / 5 (from 1 rating)

Date set: 16491660

Directed by: John Hough

Writer(s): Barbara Cartland (novel), Terence Feely

Cast: Hugh Grant, Emma Samms, Oliver Reed, Lysette Anthony, Michael York

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